med3q: It’s Your Health, Make It Personal

Posted on 4 May, 2015  in med3q

Med3q is a free, interactive healthcare community dedicated to helping members achieve better health and improved lifestyle management. med3q brings together health-conscious individuals, doctors and other medical professionals to collaborate so they can improve the quality of their lives and the lives of others.

Open to anyone, med3q is particularly oriented to give people who live with chronic diseases and conditions a place to share their stories and connect with others in similar circumstances. In addition to this social networking, med3q offers a feature-rich array of lifestyle-improvement, health-management and problem-solving tools to its members. With med3q you can safely and securely share personal health information with your different doctors, allowing you to take ownership of your health and the medical care you receive.

Doctors and other professionals are vital members of the med3q healthcare community. Credentialed doctors benefit from doctors-only social networking, peer-to-peer support, patient interaction tools and personalized information management tools. In addition, med3q serves up concise and relevant doses of expert guidance on the business of a medical practice, personal finances, career resources and more through BizRx™.

Other credentialed healthcare professionals, including nurses and physician’s assistants, are also able to benefit from exclusive peer-to-peer networking and support and professional tools, in addition to the other features that are available to other members of med3q.

As a member of med3q, you have access to sophisticated tracking diaries and other resources for managing and making sense of personal health-related information. Through your personal health diaries, you can record and better understand key information about your health and well-being. Personal medical histories allow safe, secure and easy storage of your vital health information.

With med3q, you can take control of your health and your healthcare. You can choose to communicate and share your health information safely and securely through med3q’s unique portal with all of your doctors, as long as they are credentialed med3q members.

As a social media web site, med3q relies on content that is created and provided by members of the community. Member-provided content appears throughout the site. At med3q, we believe that our members – consumers and healthcare professionals – have important information to share based on their personal and professional experiences.

Because of its nature, member-provided content is personal and constantly changing. As such, med3q does not subject content on the site to medical review, including any content we provide. Your personal health situation is unique to you and we urge you to use caution when evaluating information found on med3q. med3q does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for your doctor, so please talk with him or her before acting on any information that you find on this site or anywhere else on the Internet.

med3q includes links to other sites that are provided by med3q or med3q members. We believe that by sharing what we learn about the multitude of websites that are available – both good and bad (through the rate and comment features in the Library) med3q members can assist each other in navigating the Web and finding the most beneficial information on a particular subject matter. That said, med3q does not specifically endorse or approve these links or any of the information you find on other sites.

med3q relies on the sale of sponsorships and advertising to generate revenue. All the same, we do not let our relationships with sponsors and advertisers determine how our site operates generally – for that we depend on the feedback of our members and users. We encourage our sponsors and advertisers to actively participate in the med3q community and depending on their level of sponsorship, sponsors may host events, provide information through articles, blogs, videos and forums, as well as make resources available to healthcare professionals and consumers through the med3q Marketplace. Contact us at to learn more about becoming a sponsor.